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Missing in Stanislaus National Forest in California

Part of the National Park Series from Somebody Knows

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Welcome back Knowers!

Today, we are continuing our National Park Series and doing a deep dive into the perplexing disappearance of 14-year-old Stacy Arras, who vanished while on a backpacking trip with her father in the Stanislaus National Forest in California.

In July of 1981, Stacy and her father set out on a backpacking trip in the rugged wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest. After separating from her father to take photographs, Stacy failed to rendezvous with him at their agreed-upon meeting spot. A massive search effort ensued, but no trace of Stacy was ever found.

So what happened to Stacy Arras? There are several theories, but no conclusive evidence to support any of them. Some people believe that she may have fallen into a ravine or been attacked by a wild animal, while others speculate that she may have been abducted by a stranger or a group of people.

Despite an extensive search and investigation, the case remains unsolved to this day. The FBI got involved in the case in the 1990s, but their efforts were ultimately fruitless. Stacy's family still holds out hope that she will be found or that someone will come forward with information that could solve the mystery.

In my opinion, the disappearance of Stacy Arras is a heartbreaking and confounding case. The fact that she disappeared without a trace in such a remote wilderness area makes it all the more difficult to piece together what happened. With so many years having passed, it's hard to know if new leads will ever emerge. Nevertheless, we can only hope that someday, the truth will come to light, and Stacy's family can finally find closure.

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