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More Than a Little Break

Sorry, knowers, for the break in blogging. As you may have picked up in the last few episodes of SOMEBODY KNOWS, a lot... happened... during my visit home to Etta. And the last few weeks, well, I'm still taking it all in. I mean, I'm home now, back in Cincy and getting back to research for the podcast.

I admit, I'm finding right now that cold cases and unsolved crimes look a LOT different from the inside. Reading, researching... it's got the thrill of the hunt and the and the flexing of mental muscles a good Agatha Christie novel calls for (yes, my little grey cells get more of a workout than the rest of me any given week), not to mention the challenge of writing it all up and recording the whole thing for you, my loyal listeners.

That's the view from the outside, an intellectual exercise where I get to connect with all you knowers.

But again, from the inside... from the inside, there's pain. Pain of caring, pain of loss, pain of secrets and wrongdoing kept secret. Not to mention the weariness of holding it all in which I see now just wears a person out, like carrying an enormous rock around with you for years, decades -- no, not just carrying it, but hiding it from everyone around you, with a neverending anxiety gnawing at you because every time you talk to someone you wonder if you might give something away about it and be discovered. Or worry how much longer you can hold that secret from everyone. That's got to leave a person tired.

Tired beyond a capacity to keep going.

It's a lot harder to see that, up close and in person, than I would ever have thought.

For sure, there's good in seeing truth come to light. And I'm focusing on that right now. I kinda have to, especially since, after everything, I've been... advised... not to comment on the hometown as the whole thing plays out through the system.

But no fear, I'm not hanging anything up. I maybe have a new perspective, but SOMEBODY KNOWS is still going forward. Keep an eye on the blog here and I promise, I'll have the podcast rolling again shortly. I'm looking into more obscure cases than before, and after my Etta visit, I'm running down more cases where instead of just reporting and discussing what I've read up on, I can go visit the sites and interview people to see where it all leads. There's one in Yosemite National Park I'm looking into (and yes, I have been camping before... once) and I've made contact with a filmmaker in St. Louis regarding a case he's been documenting for years. There's also one not far from home here that I'm surprised I've never run across before.

A little different direction, I know. But hang in here with me knowers, this why I started SOMEBODY KNOWS in the first place -- to get out from behind a desk and see where mysteries lead me.

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