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Welcome Knowers!

Welcome, Knowers!

Knowers, never let it be said that your host isn’t listening to the demands of her listeners. Since starting this podcast a year ago, the requests have just kept coming in –

“Sara, where can I find links to the true crimes, cold cases, and unsolved mysteries you cover every week?”

“Sara, when are you going to start a blog?”

“Sara, would you like to make up to $2800 per month, working only 1-2 hours per week out of your own home?”

Well, maybe not that last one (although it does show up in my inbox and in the comments section pretty regularly).

But you all asked, and I’m delivering -- welcome to the SOMEBODY KNOWS Blog!

This is the place where I’ll add links to the websites and articles I found researching each week’s episode. I’ll also share any additional thoughts or interesting points that didn’t make it into the final podcast.

This is also the place where I’ll share cases that are maybe interesting but I don’t think have that certain oomph to be a SOMEBODY KNOWS case. Like this one from St. Louis just this week:

It seems pretty straightforward to me, but if enough of my knowers think it’s worth digging into, this is the place to let me know and maybe change my mind.

We’ll keep it brief this first time out. I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up for you all, especially something brand-new I’m thrilled to be trying out in a couple of week. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the idea, but more on that soon.

So keep your ears -- and now eyes -- open, knowers. Big things are coming up, so hang in there with me!

And as always, remember: no crime has to go unsolved -- somewhere, out there, somebody knows.

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