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SOMEBODY KNOWS is the true crime podcast hosted by Cincinnati’s Sara McNabb. Covering cold cases and unsolved mysteries, it’s only recently that Sara’s opened a live streaming dialogue with her listeners—her “knowers” as she affectionately calls them—which has taken her experience of these mysteries to a whole new level…



Sara McNabb expected a few glitches the first night she live streamed her true crime podcast SOMEBODY KNOWS.

What she didn’t expect was a shadowy caller menacingly challenging her to look into a decades-old crime that occurred in her childhood hometown of Etta, Indiana—the abduction of a bright and popular high school student by a homeless drifter. An incident with direct ties to Sara’s own family.


“Rufus was innocent,” the caller declares. “And Petra Novak lied.”


Twenty years ago, it was an open-and-shut case. But returning to Etta, asking questions and interviewing witnesses and old family friends, Sara’s not so sure. The lies pile up as she unearths long-buried truths. And the danger mounts as she dogs the trail of what really happened, certain that somebody knows…

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